Paul Walsh

Paul is the Managing Director of AIS Global and oversees the operations of both AIS Global and the broader AIS Skills Service Organisation. Paul has had exte...

Leanne Mundy

Leanne is an expert in policy advice and development and project management.

Gayle Holmik

Gayle manages program development and project delivery across the AIS Global portfolio. She specialises in governance and communications and has extensive ex...

Rachael Hancock

Rachael manages the workflow of existing commercial contracts and supports AIS Global business development. Rachael has an established work history in client...

Emily Swan

Emily provides assistance with existing AIS Global projects and contributes her input and experience to further the work that we do. Emily’s background is in...

Haidee Whiteley

Haidee works as a Project Officer for the various projects in the AIS Global portfolio. She has a broad range of expertise in customer relations, communicati...

Leisa Weightman

Leisa contributes to AISG extensive experience in providing secretariat support, managing projects, event coordination and applying marketing and branding te...

Darren Leitch

Darren is AISG's International Specialist. He has expertise in evaluation, performance improvement and program design.

Richard Skiba

Richard has extensive technical experience in service provision to RTOs (private, enterprise and TAFE).

Lauren Edwards

Lauren is an experienced VET consultant and implementation specialist and has provided services to a wide range of private providers and Institutes of TAFE.