We work closely with our clients domestically and internationally to identify individual needs and develop solutions that are bespoke and tailored.

Our team consists of industry experts, technical and international specialists and staff with government and broad stakeholder engagement experience. AIS technical experts are experienced with industry engagement, quality assurance, project management and the development of Occupational Standards and training package policy.

Workforce Development

The AIS Global team works at the enterprise, industry and government level (domestically and internationally) to develop workforce development strategies and programs. Our focus is on capability building that enables our clients to build on the support provided. Developing a ‘future skilled workforce’, at a micro or macro level, recognises the role that skills play in the economic development of an enterprise, industry or country. View Case Study

Research and Analysis

AIS Global draws on the capability of in-house data and systems and technical specialists to build tailored intelligence-gathering frameworks, undertake qualitative and quantitative research and develop industry intelligence to support decision making. AIS produces an annual Skills Forecast for 11 important sectors. These reports are developed and submitted on behalf of an Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) and focus on prioritisation of skills needs. AISG can work with our clients to identify their data and intelligence requirements and build an appropriate framework to support evidence-based decision making and workforce development. View Case Study

Industry Engagement

At AIS Global we have well-established relationships with a wide range of networks with more than 5000 stakeholders across a range of Australian industries. We are experienced in facilitating meaningful industry engagement to promote workforce and skilling via the VET sector and to seek industry intelligence on skill needs and skilled labour shortages. We take a tailored approach when working with our clients to develop a solution that suits individual needs. View Case Study

VET and Industry Promotion

Drawing on our communications and stakeholder engagement expertise, AIS Global works with our clients to promote Australia’s VET system and develop career attraction strategies for an industry or occupation. The team has a well-established network across 11 key Australian industries including: aviation; transport and logistics; maritime and ports; energy; water and utilities public safety; fire; defence and corrections. The in-house design team can develop branding, strategic messaging and communication plans that are tailored and individualised. View Case Study

Occupational Standards Development

Occupational Standards (OS) and their associated Occupational Skills Standards (OSS) are the standards against which training delivery and assessment of competency can take place. In Australia, they are developed through a process of national consultation with industry. AISG is working globally to develop OS/OSS to facilitate mutual recognition of skills and support a skills mobility agenda within and across borders. View Case Study

Technical Review and Product Development

With access to a team of technical and industry specialists, AIS Global can review and develop training package products such as assessment instruments, guides for assessors and other material. Our technical specialists work closely with RTOs, while having access to national training products and standards. View Case Study

Strategic and Operational Advice

AIS Global are experts in VET and industry engagement, in Australia and globally. Our team of specialists have developed strategic frameworks, discussion and options papers, and provided face-to-face guidance and mentoring at the enterprise, industry and government level. We do not merely seek to replicate Australia’s model when engaging with our international clients, but instead take an individual needs-based approach to develop solutions around governance, VET frameworks, resource development and stakeholder engagement. We ensure that our strategic and operational advice is focused on capability building. View a report on an industry-led VET system – best practice guide to the establishment and operation of a world-class model

Some examples of our activities include:

  • Supporting the development of Occupational Standards
  • Advising on the delivery of training and skilling in collaboration with industry, colleges and government
  • Advice/mentoring on establishing governance arrangements at the industry level
  • Conducting reviews of training and resources
  • Gathering industry intelligence and leveraging it to provide insight into skills gaps and needs for the future workforce
  • Developing communication and stakeholder engagement.
  • Development strategies to promote programs

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