AIS Global undertook a review and update of the current High-Risk Work National Assessment Instruments (NAIs) for 13 licence classes and the accompanying Guide for Assessors for the crane industry. Working closely with Safe Work Australia (SWA), we established a Technical Working Group (TWG) to provide a consultative mechanism to review the current licence classes and the accompanying Guide for Assessors. We developed terms of reference, and in collaboration with SWA, provided secretariat functions and technical specialist services to develop updated NAIs to enhance the useability and ensure consistency with the relevant national units of competency.

Throughout this project AIS Global has worked with a range of stakeholders, with differing views and applications, to drive the outcomes of the project and inform changes and the level usability of the NAIs.

In 2020, AIS Global will work with SWA to review the remaining high-risk licences.

This work is an example of a project where AIS Global has delivered strong outcomes through stakeholder engagement at the Federal and State Government level.