In mid-2018 Queensland Work Health and Safety embarked on establishing a training and assessment program to increase road safety for non-slew crane operators and other road users.

AIS Global was engaged to develop this training and assessment program in collaboration with Queensland Work Health and Safety. This involved working with subject matter experts to develop appropriate training and assessment materials. We engaged with multiple stakeholders in a sensitive and often complex training and safety environment to identify, establish and endorse essential components of the training to achieve the key objective road safety. AIS Global produced a suite of resources including:

  • Course competency Standards (developed in a Unit of competency format)
  • Learning resources for the course
  • Practical assessment tool
  • Knowledge assessment (bank of assessment questions)
  • Session plans for trainer delivery

The final preparations for the completion of the course were made in early 2019 with an additional meeting with industry experts and representation. A final product was produced less than a month later to meet all the outlined requirements by the client.