AIS Global is currently working with a range of industry, research and government in Vietnam to develop an industry intelligence framework for the logistics sector. Modeled on Australia’s well-established Skills Forecast approach, we are examining current intelligence and data sources and building a framework that will allow the logistics industry in Vietnam to plan for its future skills needs.

This work has included in-country work with key stakeholders, including the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC), the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) and the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute (VLI), and Australian-based on-the-job training with our technical experts. This work will also inform the development by AIS Global of a 5 year ‘Roadmap’ for the LIRC and its role in developing the logistics sector. This project is part of an Aus4Skills program funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.