AIS Global’s current work in Vietnam (via an Aus4Skills funded program) involves working with key stakeholders in the logistics sector to validate APEC standards and develop new standards for key job roles central to Vietnam’s economic productivity.

This work follows on from the APEC Transport and Logistics Regional Skills Standards Project led by AIS that developed Occupational Standards (OS) for priority job roles in the transport and logistics industry in China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The Project supported APEC’s skills development, mutual recognition and skills mobility agenda. OS and their associated Occupational Skills Standards (OSS) detail the core skills and knowledge, as well as the activities and tasks, required for a specific job role. Standards are designed to enable greater understanding of and confidence in the competence of workers to do a specific job. They are a useful tool to provide a clear understanding of the skill development needs of industry.

Following on from this, the Pacific Alliance Logistics Project developed new OS for additional job roles for Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Chile.

In India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the IORA Project developed OS to support port operations in the Indian Ocean Rim countries.

In recognition of our international experience, in 2019 AIS Global formed part of an APEC delegation to Chinese Taipei and presented to delegates about the Australian VET system.